What is of most importance in the world?
the People, the People, the People

He aha te mea nui o te Ao?

he Tangata, he Tangata, he Tangata



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Geraldton Funeral Services @ evereve Funeral Home COVID-19 Response Plan


What is of most importance in the world?

the People, the People, the People!

He aha te mea nui o te Ao,

he Tangata, he Tangata, he Tangata!


Our Message

Covid remains a threat, and a reality, and we believe that working together in our Community is our best line of defence. We owe it to ourselves and to each other to be vigilant so that we all stay well.

We also owe it to each other to be mindful that in uncertain times we will experience life in a completely different way.                                        Being tolerant of each other in our changing environment and being prepared to adjust to these changes on a daily basis, is of the greatest importance.  

In our vocation we see grief in many forms and we are particularly aware that when we are faced with such significant changes in our lives, emotions run high and are sometimes off the scale when we are challenged with something new, unwanted, uncertain, and much bigger than just us – I think we’ll all agree that this is Big!

People’s responses to a situation like this are very emotionally driven, whether for or against the policies being put in place, and we have seen hysterical behaviour with hospital treatment rooms inundated and panic buying as just two examples. So, if we can recognise and acknowledge that we are all affected in some way, and that the one constant in our lives is our emotion, then we might better understand what is happening around us and be in a better emotional place to support one another.

We might each do things differently, but the bottom line is we all have the same goal to ‘Protect our Families’ and ‘Save Lives’. Health Professionals are not yet positioned to give us any guarantees, nor is the Government of the day. However,  we need to  take our own precautions to stay well and safe.

We believe by putting things in place to reduce the risk for everyone concerned and turning down the volume a little on all the media attention, then we’ve done the right things in the interim.

On an ongoing basis, paying attention and staying mindful of the situation and acting responsibly will perhaps help us all achieve some ease around the situation. Together, we can do this!


Our Response Plan is about ‘People First’

Our priority always, is to ensure that we have made every best effort to keep our evereve Family, and your Family safe.

As Funeral Directors, our public exposure is beyond our local community. Given that we help Families who travel from everywhere (anywhere in WA, interstate, and international), to attend to Funeral Arrangements, and attend Funeral Services of their loved ones, we will be more alert about these external influences and take a proactive stance with a policy for everyone’s safety.

In our premises, we have taken steps to ensure that we maintain a high standard of cleaning and disinfecting in all areas.

We provide hand sanitiser at the entrance to our Funeral Home, which we urge Families to use. We encourage you to bring and wear your own face masks as added protection, particularly if you have travelled from an area where more critical Covid-19 restrictions are in place. As a WA Government Directive we have a 'Contact Register' and/or 'QR Code' option that anyone visiting our Funeral Home must use to register their attendance. Remember, this information can be critical for 'Contact Tracing'.

All, of our evereve Family have been provided with face masks and disposable gloves which we urge them to wear when in contact with any visitors to our Funeral Home, or while attending at Funeral Services. We ask visitors to our Funeral Home to wear masks while attending at our premises. Remember, this is about prevention and coming from a place of safety and care, for you, and for us.

Please note, in line with new updates, the way we assist Families with Funeral Arrangements has changed and we encourage you to make phone contact with us before coming into the Funeral Home.            Ph: (08) 9964 3767

Any information from the WA State Government (WA.gov.au), the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (Perth), the Geraldton Cemetery Board or directives from the Health Department that may affect the public, we will disseminate to all the Families we care for at Funeral Arrangements, or upon enquiry.

We will continue to monitor the situation and assure you, that we will keep you informed about any changes as they come to hand.

Social/Physical Distancing

Experts are telling us all that one of the more, safe options currently, is ‘Social Distancing’.

What does this look like for us?

We prefer to call this 'Physical Distancing' as the Social aspect of gatherings has a completely new face. 

Bottom-line, we come from a very welcoming, physical contact Culture (hugs, kisses, hand shaking, ‘nose pressing’…) so the concept of social distancing is quite foreign to us.

However, we hear from the experts that social distance is more likely to keep everyone safe, and we know we need to lead by example and adapt to a new culture and for the meantime new social norms.

How do we achieve this?

As awkward as this feels for us to do, we will refrain from close physical contact. Hugs, kisses and hand shaking are discouraged among Mourners at Funeral Services, and this will also apply to us.

We strongly recommend that where possible you include face masks and gloves in your attire while in attendance at Funerals. 

As an immediate precaution, our Funeral Directors & Assistants may in some circumstances, wear gloves and masks as they attend at Funeral Services. We trust you see this as our way of keeping both you and us safe.

On a lighter note, our Grand Daughter suggested we should foot tap each other instead of hugging or hand shaking!!! Cute!

I’m sure we can all find a light-hearted way of communicating our sentiments to each other during this time.


Good Hygiene (washing hands regularly with soap and water)

We must all be responsible for ourselves and something as simple as being vigilant about washing our hands and drying them regularly and thoroughly is perhaps the easiest thing we’ve been asked to do and the easiest to achieve. So, we will be proactive in this routine and we encourage you to do the same.

A helpful tip:

When washing your hands, if you sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song through once, then it's considered that you have washed your hands thoroughly.


How do we care for someone who has died from the Corona Virus, and keep People safe?

Our Funeral Home has implemented procedures and health and safety policies in line with the directives from the WA State Government (WA.gov.au), the Health Department, and on the advice of Health Professionals and guidance from the National Funeral Directors Association. These will be applied in all cases throughout all areas of our business to ensure the safety of everyone concerned.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this.


In Closing

Although the threat may not be right at our door at this time, let’s try and keep it that way.

We all have a part to play in this, so let’s be proactive, and considerate of those around us, by paying attention and being vigilant.

We thank you for doing what you can to keep safe and well, because in doing so, you help keep us all safe and well.

Remember, even as restrictions are lifted, keep your guard up!

It’s all about ‘Protecting our Families’ and ‘Saving Lives’.