Our Range of Amenities:

There are many things to consider before, during, and after a funeral service. We have provided a list of options we offer to assist families through this process.

Caskets and Coffins: We offer a full range of caskets and coffins, some are available in our showroom and others along with personalised coffins can be ordered at your request, please refer to the gallery.

Printed Material and Audio/Visual Products Prepared in-house: (ARIA and AMCOS licenced)

Floral Arrangements/Floral Tributes: We are able to co-ordinate with local florists to organise a floral arrangement/tribute for the casket or coffin, on your behalf



Newspaper Notices: We can arrange for Personal & Funeral notices to appear in newspapers on your behalf

Memorial Tributes: We can include Personal & Funeral notices on our website, along with personal tributes on your behalf

Celebrant Services: We support your choice of Celebrant and are also able to offer you our own Celebrant’s services

Memorabilia to drape the coffin: We can provide a flag, but you may have items that are personal to your loved one, like sports/fishing gear or ornaments you would like to use

Balloons and Bubbles: We can organise these on your behalf



 Family Mourning Car: to seat 4 people   Family Mourning Coach: to seat 7 people (external provider)

Condolence/Wake venue: We can help co-ordinate a venue and catering options that best suit your needs

Memorial urns and keep sake jewellery: We carry a range of these products, and also have a catalogue available for you to order from

Witnessing services: Certifying Documents

Agencies to Notify: We provide a link to a list of agencies that may be able to offer you support and guidance.

Ashes interment: We can inter Ashes into a plot on your behalf, with or without family in attendance

Ashes delivered: We can organise to send ashes to families out of the area or state

Ashes Transfer to an Urn: We are happy to transfer Ashes into a Memorial Urn of your choice



Funeral planning and Pre-arrangements: We have a ‘Thoughtful Gesture’ booklet available to assist you in planning a funeral, and are able to assist you with a pre-paid funeral bond option. Please refer to our FAQ page on our website.

Monuments: We can assist you with minor monumental works, and can refer you to a Monumental Mason in Perth to assist you with the design, fabrication, installation, and repairs & maintenance of; Headstones and Full monuments.

Repatriation: We are able to facilitate the returning of loved ones to their home country, state or place of birth for burial or cremation

Exhumations: We offer assistance in these extraordinary circumstances

Grief Support: We have written material available to families, and provide information and a list of grief support agencies.