Our Range of Amenities:

There are many things to consider before, during, and after a funeral service. We have provided a list of options we offer to assist families through this process.

Caskets and Coffins: We offer a full range of caskets and coffins, and personalised coffins can be ordered at your request, please refer to the gallery.

Printed Material and Audio/Visual Products Prepared in-house:

Floral Arrangements/Floral Tributes: We are able to co-ordinate with local florists to organise a floral arrangement/tribute for the casket or coffin, on your behalf




Newspaper Notices: We can arrange for Personal & Funeral notices to appear in newspapers on your behalf

Memorial Tributes: We can include Personal & Funeral notices on our website, along with personal tributes on your behalf

Celebrant Services: We support your choice of Celebrant and are also able to offer you our own Celebrant’s services

Memorabilia to drape the coffin: We can provide a flag, but you may have items that are personal to your loved one, like sports/fishing gear or ornaments you would like to use

Balloons and Bubbles: We can organise these on your behalf

 Family Mourning Car: to seat 4 people   Family Mourning Coach: to seat 7 people



Condolence/Wake venue: We can help co-ordinate catering options that best suit your needs

Memorial urns and keep sake jewellery: We carry a range of these products, and also have a catalogue available for you to order from

Witnessing services: Statutory Declarations, Certifying Documents

Agencies to Notify: We provide a link to a list of agencies that may be able to offer you support and guidance.

Ashes interment: We can inter Ashes into a plot on your behalf, with or without family in attendance

Ashes delivered: We can organise to send ashes to families out of the area or state

Ashes Transfer to an Urn: We are happy to transfer Ashes into a Memorial Urn of your choice



Funeral planning and Pre-arrangements: We have a ‘Thoughtful Gesture’ booklet available to assist you in planning a funeral, and are able to assist you with a pre-paid funeral bond option. Please refer to our FAQ page on our website.

Monuments: Design, fabrication, installation, and repairs & maintenance of; Headstones and Full monuments.

Repatriation: We are able to facilitate the returning of loved ones to their home country, state or place of birth for burial or cremation

Exhumations: We offer assistance in these extraordinary circumstances

Grief Support: We have written material available to families, we conduct an Annual Christmas Service with invitations extended to all our families, and provide information and a list of grief support agencies.