Funeral Costs

Our funeral service options and costs are varied depending on a family’s circumstances, wishes and means. We believe ‘funeral packages’ can limit your choices so instead, we encourage you to ‘design your own’ service, so that you control what you have, and what you spend.

What are you paying for?

There is a base cost for a range of funeral service options including a professional and service fee which covers the funeral home costs before, during and after the funeral service; a coffin or casket; plus ancillary costs (death certificate, celebrant etc.). The more involvement the funeral home has, and the more features you choose to include in the service, the more the costs are likely to be. However, you can minimise costs and still have a service that is perfect for your family, with clever planning and some creative thinking. We are here to guide you through this process.

Costs are also driven by Cemetery fees and are different for Burial and Cremation. A burial is more expensive than a cremation because you pay for a plot plus a burial grant fee. It is really important to talk through the many variations of Burial and Cremation so that pricing can be specific to your situation. The Cemetery charges can be minimised if you consider doing something a little different. Some things to consider:

Remember, thinking outside the square to find what best suits you, may also help minimise your costs. You need to feel comfortable with your decisions, so please talk everything through with the Funeral Director who will ensure you are aware of the many options available to you and all the associated costs.

Requesting an estimate:

As components can be flexible and each situation is different, to ensure that we are providing you with accurate costs, it is important to discuss a few details before we provide an estimate.

Often when people call, they are hesitant about providing details fearful that they are bound by that call to engage our services. We welcome your ‘no obligation’ enquiries and can better assist you if you are open with us and happy to discuss your wishes in more detail.