Pre-arrangements & Pre-paid Funeral Plans:

People are far more aware of the need to be planning a funeral in advance with so much hype and advertising around the many payment plans available on the market now. Death is not the ‘taboo’ subject it used to be, and the more it’s talked about the more we understand and grow to accept that it is an inevitable part of our lives.

More and more people tell us that they want to take the burden away from their families, they want their own wishes met, and they want the peace of mind that their affairs are in order before they die.

We know from experience that when pre-arrangements and pre-paid plans have been organised we see what a huge relief this is to families. We encourage people to talk with us if it feels like pre-planning and/or pre-paying a funeral now seems the right thing to do.

To assist with funeral planning we have produced a ‘Thoughtful Gesture’ booklet which is designed to help guide you through the planning process. It is also a resource for you to be able to collect all the information necessary to get funeral arrangements underway, and a central place to record the personal information you want your family to know to help them manage your affairs when the time comes.

We encourage you to go to our Frequently Asked Questions section for more specific details about pre-planned and pre-paid funerals.

A Thoughtful Gesture Booklet